Bike and walk

Short trip?Visiting neighbors? Going to the park? Live near the store? Take a walk. It’s relaxing, healthy, and saves carbon.


Going somewhere a few miles away, but walking is not speedy enough? Ride your bike! Biking is a great way to navigate the Mid-Peninsula safely, quickly, and carbon-free. Think of biking as an extension of walking; It can get you that extra couple of miles without taking as much time.

Haven’t biked in a long time? Feel a little uneasy? Do not have a good bicycle? Check this website to read about cycling experience and choose for yourself a good foldable bicycle.

Find a Route

We’ve created a basic mid peninsula bike map to get you rolling. Want more routes? There’s more detailed maps available for Menlo Park & Palo Alto and Mountain View. Google has bike routes and bike directions at Google Maps. Also,  has a bike mapper and full resource guide so finding bike-friendly streets is a snap.


Yield to Pedestrians:

Just like driving, yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and be aware of their presence. Avoid riding on the sidewalk as it is illegal in most downtown areas and disrespectful to pedestrians. If you’re riding on a multi-use trail such as the Stevens Creek Trail, announce your presence to pedestrians before you pass. It’s safe, and it’s courteous!

Ride predictably:

Signal turns using hand signals and ride in a straight path. Avoid zig-zagging between parked cars as this confuses other road users since they don’t know what your intentions are. When you come to a traffic signal, ride straight to the light; most intersections have 2 dashed lines that indicate where to put your tires to trigger the light. This way, motorists will queue behind you and know that you are there.

Avoid parked cars & road debris:

When riding on a street with or without a bike lane, ride 3-5 feet to the left of parallel-parked cars. This way you can avoid unexpected door openings and road debris. Some bike lanes are poorly striped, and place you very close to parked cars. If this is the case, maintain the 3-5 ft distance from parked cars, even if you’re outside the bike lane.  If you’re on a 2 lane street with no bike lane, maintain the 3-5 foot buffer between you and the parked cars even if you are in the center of the lane. This is legal, and the most visible and safe way to ride.


For nighttime riding or riding in low visibility conditions make use of front and rear lights. White front lights are required by law for night time riding and red rear lights are highly recommended.


Avoid Theft:

Use a U-shaped lock and short cable. Pass the U lock through the rear tire and frame. Attach the cable to the U lock and pass it through your front tire. Secure the U lock to a rigid post. That’s it! Alternatively you can use a cable lock, but it is less secure. You can also install wheel locks so you don’t have to bring a secondary cable with your U lock.


Make sure your bike has functioning brakes, inflated tires, and smooth drivetrain before you ride.

Bikes on Transit

All of the transit providers on the Mid-Peninsula accommodate bikes. Bringing your bike on transit is a great way to extend the reach of the transit line to your doorstep or get a break from the weather.

Know about the Stationary Exercise Bike in the best possible way

Many machines for exercising are now available in the market. These machines help in doing cardio exercises without putting any stress for example say stationary bike is the best machine for focusing on the entire body. Another much known exercise machine is treadmill. Some people use it and some may not because either they don’t know how to use it or say they don’t feel safe. Regardless of its safety, treadmill is very useful and you will definitely lose weight. But if you are among those people who have joint problems then this is not useful, you should try for some other exercise machine.

There are elliptical trainers that will help you in training with these exercise machines but if you choose to get an exercise bike then that is also a very good choice. Many individuals like to do exercise on these bikes because they have got a lot of knowledge about how to use these.  One of the good exercises is pedal bike. Even you can make use of it for getting good health benefits. Basically a stationary exercise bike means a bike that does not moves from one place to another. You have to work out on a still bike

If you are thinking to buy a stationary bike for yourself then you should think about various topics. Firstly, make sure which type of bike you want say for example either a recumbent bike or upright bike. Recumbent bike is strange looking equipment that has pedal facing towards you. On the other hand is the upright bike which seems to be like e real bike with seat, pedals underneath, and handlebars. Obviously the fact is the upright bike is the best for exercising. This is not only the correct option but also is very effective. But at the end it totally depends on your choice and yes of course comforts level and personal preference too. So purchase accordingly.

For individuals who have severe back problems can choose to take recumbent bike. Head over to exercise bike blog to read as many reviews as you can to make sure you choose the right one

When you start to look for stationary bikes then first and foremost thing you should do is checking about the equipment thoroughly. This is because in search of cheap bikes you will end up getting the worst model for yourself. This will not only waste your money but also waste your time too. You should buy a medium priced exercise bike that will last for a long period of time. For a good bike you should at least consider 600 to 1000 dollar and if you want a heavy duty bike which is the top most quality and used in gym then it will costs you around 1500 dollars.

Another thing to notice is working on a bike first then buying it. So if you are buying a treadmill then before that make use of it for at least 15 days then finally purchase it for your house. This will be full adventure. This will help you in knowing the comfortability of the product and every other adjustment that is required to be done. In this category also there are lots of models like some equipments have an additional facility for measuring weight, some calculate the heart rate, some check pulse and so on. You can buy the model according to your convenience and requirement.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

If you want your hardwood floors to stay clean and shiny for years, you’ll need to make sure you have the best vacuum cleaner for the job. Not only will regular vacuuming keep your home always looking clean but it will aid in the protection and maintenance of your floors. Dust and other built up debris can become embedded in the floor over time and if left, it will cause scratches and fading in the wood. This then results in your floor needing to be refinished more often or it will lose its shine. That is why having the right vacuum is essential but don’t worry because we will teach you how to know the difference.

Type of Vaccuum

There are two types of vacuums – upright and canisters. If you don’t have a lot of mobility or you have a bad back, you may be better off using the upright but otherwise, canisters are superior when it comes to hardwood floors. They are usually lighter and have softer rubber wheels that won’t damage the wood, plus they are easier to maneuver around in small spaces, on stairs, and under furniture.


Vacuums that use bags are generally the best for hardwood floors because they can hold more dust and generally, the bag-less varieties are more likely to blow the dust back into the air. Plus, if you have allergies, they are a lot easier on you too.

Power Settings

When it comes to carpets, you want a vacuum with a lot of power to suck up dust that is buried deep within. However, hardwood floors do not harbor dust and dirt in the same way which is why they are often the preferred material for people with allergies. A vacuum with a less intense sucking feature can work perfectly fine on wood because it doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, they are usually cheaper and lighter and sometimes even easier to push around.

Hardwood Vaccuums

Obviously the best vacuums for cleaning hardwood are the ones that come with special features made especially for the job. Some of these features can include:

  • A roller brush with the option to stop spinning so it doesn’t blow the dust everywhere.
  • A suction control switch to reduce or increase strength of suction.
  • An ‘edge cleaner’ head to clean up right against the wall.

Hardwood floors can be easier to maintain than carpets and they will stay looking new for years so long as you take care of them and this means buying the right vacuum for the job. It may seem like there are a lot of rules but the main thing to keep in mind is which options are going to be the best for you personally.

Follow this guide but decide by what your own needs are. Pick a vacuum that is easiest for you to control and one that will not leave scratches on your hardwood floor. Not all of the fancy add-ons are essential but just remember, the better the vacuum, the longer your floor will last between refinishing and the cleaner (and newer) it will look.

The Air Rifle Buying Guide

Air rifle is one of the most important devices for hunting animals. There are a lot of types of products that are available on the market today. It is important that you compare some available guns, so you can find the best one for yourself. There are some important things that you should know about this air rifle. When you are looking for the air rifle for supporting your hunting activities, you should read the air rifle buying guide from this article. You can find some important information about finding the right gun here.

1. Learn about some Propulsion Methods

air-rifleMost air rifles can be divided into three main categories. These categories are classified based on the system for launching a projectile from this gun. They can be classified into CO2 rifle, Pneumatic system, and Spring Piston system. Each category has its own benefits and disadvantages. If you are a beginner user of the air rifle, you should consider using the CO2 powered gun. This product is very recommended because it can be used easily. Pneumatic guns are recommended for people who want to find powerful rifles. Spring Piston guns are well-known for their consistency and stability. If you want to find stable air rifle, you should use the gun with Spring Piston system:

2. Find the Best Pellets

This is another useful tip that you can follow when you are looking for the best air rifle for yourself. You should compare some available pellets that are suitable for your rifle. There are some recommended pellets that you can use today, for example wad cutters, pointed pellets, hollow point, round nose, Performance Ballistic Allow or PBA pellets, polymer tip hollow head pellets, and many other types of pellets. You can select the best one that is suitable for your hunting activities.

3. Check the weight

Weight is another important factor that can determine the quality of your chosen air rifle. You should choose the right gun that has proper weight for yourself. It is important to avoid too light or too heavy rifle because it can be difficult to be controlled. Proper weight can help you maintain good stability for firing the targets. It can also help you target some animals or paper targets accurately. Accuracy is one of the most essential factors in your hunting activities. You should be able to control your air rifle properly in order to get all benefits from this gun.

Finding the right rifle is not a difficult task to do. You can select the best one that is suitable for your needs, preferences, and your hunting activities. There are some hunting shops that may offer high quality air rifles for all customers. You can compare some available guns for helping you in your hunting activities. Make sure that you buy some additional accessories for improving the performance of this gun.

How To Choose The Best Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you’re a seasoned workout pro or a total beginner, finding the best heart rate monitor can help you make the most of your exercise sessions.  After all, who wants to put in all that effort without getting the best possible results?  Monitoring your heart rate can help you make sure you’re reaching that fat burning zone if you’re trying to lose weight, or reach your target heart rate if you’re after peak performance levels.

Things To Look For In A Heart Rate Monitor

With so many models of monitors on the market you can easily get overwhelmed trying to choose the right one.  Some monitors come with lots of additional features and apps that you may or may not need or want. For example, there are heart rate monitors that hook up to gym equipment and can tailor workouts specifically for you. Others can be connected to your computer or iPhone to integrate other information like fitness and wellness apps.

Getting the best heart rate monitor depends on your budget, your comfort level with techie things and the information you’re after.  The basics you should look for are things like a long battery life and ease of use.  Models that come with a chest strap tend to give more accurate read outs and because they transmit the information to a wristwatch display, you don’t have to stop your routine to get your heart rate.

Depending on where you exercise, you’ll want to choose a monitor that can withstand the elements. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you might want to look for a waterproof model. Hikers and bikers and even walkers might also find it useful to choose one with GPS tracking included. For a list of high performing heart rate monitor, take a look at HRMAdvisor’s latest suggestion.

Best Heart Rate Monitors for Weight Loss

If losing weight is your goal, the best heart rate monitor could be one that gives the ability to keep track of calories, including calories from fat,  and keep a log of your daily and weekly exercise. Some have built in alarms to let you know when you’ve reached your target heart rate, which can be great for beginners.  Models that create custom workout plans can be helpful if you’re trying to find a workout to lose weight.

If all that sounds much to complicated and you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time learning how to use your heart rate monitor, then opt for a simple version with just one button operation and a large, visual readout. You won’t break your budget and you’ll still be able to get the information to maximize your workouts.


In the end, finding the best heart rate monitor depends on your skill level, your commitment to exercise and your budget. Don’t overdo it by starting out with all the bell and whistles unless you’re sure you need or want all the extra information. Getting something too complicated or that overwhelms you with information means it will only end up hidden away in a drawer somewhere.